KSI planning three more fights in 2023 as Jake Paul fight hangs in balance

KSI has declared that he may fight four times in 2023, meaning that he would compete at least three more times in the next eight months.

The YouTube star has promised to have four fights this year, and already completed one when he knocked out Faze Temperrr

KSI is already gearing up for his second fight of the year in May with Joe Fournier in London

with that it was understood that his third fight would be against Jake Paul by the end of the year 

but now KSI has recently made a statement that he is planning to have four fights this year 

"Honestly, I might make it four times this year, I can't lie man, I'm feeling myself and I'm enjoying it a lot

Yes, camp is hard but I just love the success after it. You put in so much pain throughout each and every camp and then to successfully knock out my opponent there's no greater feeling.

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