KSI Backed to Earn £10million From Fight With Youtube Rival Jake Paul

Eddie Hearn thinks that KSI might make £10 million if his conflict with Jake Paul is ultimately resolved.

The British YouTuber, actual name JJ Olatunji, will fight Alex Wassabi in London's O2 stadium on August 27 in his first comeback to the ring in two years.

It will be his first battle since fighting Paul's brother Logan, and if he wins, he could get that much closer to confronting Paul in public.

The American is anticipated to enter the ring and confront KSI after the bout, therefore Paul and his brother Logan are likely to fly to the UK to see it. Paul will have an easy night, predicts Matchroom Boxing promoter Hearn, who has dealt with both boxers.

“I think that’s a very easy fight for Jake Paul, at the level he’s been boxing at now, with what he’s been doing in the gym," Hearn said when discussing the fight on the Happy Hour Podcast.

"You know, he’s been doing this for like two years – consistently training, sparring, proving, he’s made a lot of improvements.

“It’s a massive fight, but the problem is, when it comes down to ego and all that kind of stuff, the reality is it’s very unlikely that KSI would win that fight, so in your world – of that YouTube environment – how detrimental is it to KSI’s brand and career to lose to Jake Paul, versus the money that he would make in that fight? He's probably gonna make £10 million fight for that fight.”

The match, which is undoubtedly the most anticipated in the world of YouTube boxing, is likely to earn the two fighters huge rewards. Paul and KSI have been rivals for a while, and the two had already engaged in a staredown following Paul's victory over KSI's friend AnEson Gib in his professional debut.

A fight hasn't broken out despite their continuous verbal sparring on social media because KSI prioritises his wildly successful music career and his work with YouTube group Sidemen. Following the cancellation of his scheduled match with Hasim Rahman Jr. by his YouTube opponent, KSI recently gave Paul a spot on his undercard.