KSI, Along With Thousands Of Fans, Humiliates Jake Paul In 3 Words

YouTubers KSI and Jake Paul go back to 2018 when Jake Paul fought on the undercard of the Logan Paul vs. KSI fight.

Both the YouTubers have a sizable fan base, and the public enjoys watching them. KSI recently asked his stadium fans to chant something about Jake Paul.

Apparently, KSI was performing at the Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium in London. Surprisingly, he asked the audience to chant “F**k Jake Paul.” The audience at the stadium followed what the YouTube star said, as is evident in the video.

KSI has recently announced his return to boxing, and fans are eager to watch him inside the ring again. The British Youtuber hasn’t been inside the ring since 2019 when he won a rematch against Logan Paul. Let’s see who he fights in the days to come.

Jake Paul came to prominence through the Vine app. Furthermore, he gained more popularity and entered boxing in 2018. Since then, ‘The Problem Child’ has been utterly sincere about his boxing career, and he has an unbeatable record of (5-0-0).

KSI has announced that his next bout will take place on August 27. But the location and the opponent are yet to be disclosed. Following this, he took to Twitter and called out Paul to see who gets more PPVs between the two of them.

Moreover, the American also had a response for his rival. Paul took to Twitter and replied to KSI, saying, “You wanna challenge me in everything except an actual fight.”

The British music sensation, Liam Payne, was a guest at Logan Paul’s podcast, ‘IMPAULSIVE’. While talking to the hosts, the musician said that he would like to fight KSI.

To which KSI replied, “You don’t wanna fight me, you don’t wanna fight me. You know what, you should fight Bryce. Fight Bryce hall. If you can knock out Bryce Hall, then alright, maybe you can attempt to talk to me. He wouldn’t have a chance.”