KSI agrees to $10m wager against Joe Fournier as he simply ‘doesn’t care’

KSI and Joe Fournier will face each other in the ring on 13th May in London

with KSI firing back at comments Fournier made about putting $10 million on the line for the upcoming match.

During a recent interview, KSI hit back at Fournier’s claims that he will put this kind of money on the line

with the content creator also taking offense, arguing that Fournier implies Misfits, his boxing company

“Wow. I think $10 million is pretty low for the price of Misfits. I think Misfits is way more than $10 million but if he wants to put $10 million on the line, I’m down.

Like for me money isn’t the reason I do this. For me, it’s all about legacy,

it’s about showing the world that a guy who started in his bedroom is about to do all these crazy things ten years later.”

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