Kreese and Terry Silver Unite Against Miyagi-Do in Cobra Kai Season 4 Trailer

The return of villain Terry Silver is emphasized in a new full video  for Cobra Kai season 4. In The Karate Kid: Part III, Thomas Ian Griffith  played Silver, a deceitful coach who lured Daniel LaRusso (Ralph  Macchio) to Cobra Kai in order to punish him as revenge.

Silver learned martial arts with John Creese (Martin Kove), a Vietnam  War comrade, and the two later created Cobra Kai after the war.

After a long hiatus from acting, Griffith returns to the character of  Silver, once again attempting to upset LaRusso’s world and now his  Miyagi-Do students with his Cobra Kai methods.

Netflix has published a new teaser for Cobra Kai season 4, which begins up where season 3 left off, with Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang  karate joining forces to practice together in the hopes of finally  defeating Cobra Kai.

Season 4 does, however, introduce a new threat in the form of Griffith’s  Terry Silver, who appears to be just as dangerous as he was in The  Karate Kid: Part III. New rivalries, alliances, romances, and training  are all shown in the video, all leading up to a return to the All-Valley  Karate Tournament.

Season 5 of Cobra Kai is presently in development. Showrunners Jon  Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg have stated that while the  show has an endpoint in mind, they are unsure how many seasons it will  take to get there.

Terry Silver’s return just adds to the confusion, as it may reignite his old rivalry with LaRusso.