Kpop’s YG Entertainment Reveals New NFT Partnership With ZCC

YG Entertainment of KPOP, which is best known for their hugely popular girl group BLACKPINK, has announced another collaboration in the NFT/crypto world, this time with an “NFT Community of Zombies” named Zombies Culture Club (ZCC).

ZCC defines itself as an NFT community that is dedicated to keeping the Earth green. NFTs are disliked by the general population because of their anti-nature reputation.

Apparently, creating and sustaining NFTs requires an astronomical amount of energy that leads to a lot of pollution as well.

But the NFT Club promises a different approach to NFTs which puts “green earth” as its priority.

This is not the first time that YG Entertainment has collaborated with a blockchain-based company.

Back in April, YG Entertainment revealed a collab with the biggest crypto platform Binance.

It was said that the collab “will result in YG Entertainment’s exceptional growth in the NFT market.” But we are yet to see the results.

Currently, YG Entertainment is busy preparing for multiple comebacks from their artists such as BLACKPINK, Winner, Treasure, and Akmu among others.

YG has long been considered to be among the “Big Three” K-pop management companies in South Korea, following the success of its groups 2NE1 (who disbanded) and Bigbang (who recently had a comeback after years of hiatus). However, it was when BLACKPINK debuted in 2018, that YG Entertainment became known internationally.