Korean media praises Jungkook's versatility as a trendsetter for his ability to rock any hairstyle

Maira Shakeel

Jungkook caused a social media meltdown and made headlines after his appearance at the “Dream” movie premiere with his new hairstyle.

Korean media were full of praise for him, calling him a “Trendsetter” for rocking his new hairstyle

They also praised Jungkook, saying he is able to pull off any hairstyle thanks to his handsome face.

The K-media said he has a face so handsome he is able to pull off any kind of hairstyle.

They looked back at his many different hairstyles over the years and praised him for carrying them so well

Jungkook’s long permed hair was especially iconic as one of his trademark hairstyles.

Jungkook always pulls of any hairstyle and keep setting the trend along the way

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