Korean media clarifies that BTS's V did not fund the treatment of dog Perro from tvN's 'Jinny's Kitchen'

Recently, a heartwarming story about V from BTS paying for the treatment of Perro, the mascot dog of tvN's 'Jinny's Kitchen was doing rounds on social media

However, it has now been confirmed that the story is not true.

According to the reports, it was not V but the drone camera staff from the production team of 'Jinny's Kitchen' who paid for Perro's vaccinations

Perro is a stray dog that naturally joined the program when he came to the restaurant during the filming of 'Jinny's Kitchen

A twitter user posted a tweet giving an update on perro being adopted by a staff member and claimed that V had paid for vaccinations

However, Daily Sports reached out to the production staff and it was clarified that the team who helped the dog.

The team's efforts gave Pero a new lease on life and provided an excellent example of kindness to viewers.

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