The NBA Finals are not just watched by the die-hard basketball fans that watch 82 games every regular season before digging into the post-season.

Everybody watches the Finals, even if they are not basketball fans. The numbers from Game 4's viewership prove the massive fan appeal the Finals bring.

A YouTuber named BigDaws decided to capitalize on the same in 2017 by going to the Oracle Arena and taking pictures with fans, pretending to be Klay Thompson.

There are vague similarities between the YouTuber and the Warriors' star, so he decided to have some fun with it.

5 years later, BigDaws decided to take it a step further and trespass into the Chase Center and take shots on the court while security assumed he was Klay Thompson.

As a result, the Chase Center has fired back and banned the personality indefinitely from attending another event at the Chase Center.

Here is what Daws said to explain what he did, and why the ban is unfair.

"Banned bc I walked pass 5 layers of security guards (who willingly let me through security without asking for ID) & shot around on the court for 10 minutes."

"I also spent 10K on tickets which they are not refunding. Why should I be banned because their security is incompetent?"

Hopefully, the arena and the YouTuber can figure something out instead of something like this holding him back from ever attending another event at the arena.