Klay Thompson had the time of his life after the Golden State Warriors clinched the 2022 NBA Championship over the Boston Celtics.

Thompson became a 4-time champion the season he returned after two debilitating injuries that kept him away from the court for two and a half years.

His occasional spark games where he can score 30 points were crucial for the Warriors in games where Steph Curry lacked the offensive firepower.

His persona makes people smile and laugh, but it seems Thompson had Curry and Draymond Green in splits during the Warriors championship parade.

The team was getting interviewed in front of the Warriors fans that came out for the parade when Thompson described what he did after the Finals win and how he got a standing ovation

"Just going to breakfast on Saturday morning, seeing everybody in the neighborhood so excited. Getting a standing ovation from the chef and the waiters. That's what it's about, the little wins."

"Shaun Livingston would tell me about the little wins during my rehab, it's something I'll take for the rest of my life. It's about the small things in life that inspire you to keep going."

"Whether it is taking a picture with an old lady, or a young kid, Dubnation has no bounds and we have fans from all over the world."

The stoic manner with which he tells this story while adding funny inflections was enough to get most of the crowd chuckling along with the Dubs stars on the stage.

He was wearing a sailor hat as he had lost his championship cap earlier when it flew off the boat he drove into the parade.