The Boston Celtics Game 3 matchup against the Golden State Warriors in their home arena of the TD Garden has left massive talking points.

Whether it be the on-court performance of Draymond Green to the need for Jayson Tatum to be more aggressive, those are talking points that focus on the game of basketball.

Along with those, there has been a very nasty talking point that everyone has had to leave tonight's game with and that is the behavior of Boston fans.

Fans in the stands came together to chant 'F--k Draymond' during the game. While fan chanting is a part and parcel of any sports or entertainment event, some things do cross the line.

Basketball games are full of children and the league also prefers to portray the sport as family-friendly.

Klay Thompson tore in on the fans present in the arena for making up such chants while kids were in the audience.

Klay Thompson said, "We've played in front of rude fans before. Dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd. Really classy. Good job Boston."

Worse things have been chanted by Boston fans in the past, so Thompson better get ready for whatever they have to say in Game 4. 

If the fans feel like this rattled them ahead of their Game 3 loss, they will most definitely try it again.