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Kim Seon-Ho Set To Shoot For 1st Film As Dispatch ‘Exposes’ His Ex

The scandal that nearly brought down popular actor Kim Seon-ho is now being used to propel him back into public favour.

Because of Kim Seon-ho’s past girlfriend, the entire scenario has been scrutinised by fans. Korean news agency Dispatch has taken the actor’s now public love life hostage; and it appears that the agency has taken it upon itself to save his tarnished reputation by exposing intimate details from the relationship in the form of Kakao Talk screenshots.

On November 1, Dispatch published more discussions between the couple from July 2020; in which they discussed Kim Seon-ho’s girlfriend having an abortion. According to Dispatch, all of the actor’s ‘good’ texts were ‘negatively’ analysed by his then-girlfriend.

Despite the actor’s attempts to remain by her after her abortion; she sent their chats as proof to her acquaintances and badmouthed him. While the majority of businesses and labels dropped the actor; a few remained loyal to him and supported him during this difficult time.

As Dispatch disclosed the specifics of the relationship; including how Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend was discovered cheating on multiple occasions by the actor; which was the real reason for their break-up; the general public and media have begun to rally around the actor.

Kim Seon-ho is getting back on track now that his public image is beginning to be repaired, thanks to Dispatch. Following the disclosure and his apologies; it was reported late in October that the actor had to be transported to the hospital due to health concerns.

Kim Seon-ho is scheduled to begin filming for a new project now that everything appears to be on track for him. “After much deliberation, the production team of ‘Sad Tropics’ (Sad Tropical) has decided to start filming with Kim Seon-ho within the year,” the production house NEW declared.

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