LeBron James has a fair few people making the case that he is the greatest of all time, even though most basketball fans agree that the crown still belongs to Michael Jordan.

One of the biggest haters LeBron has also happens to be one of MJ's most fanatical supporters is Skip Bayless.

Bayless has spent the past decade belittling LeBron by highlighting the times he has failed and trying to minimize his accomplishments.

This is most evident when he knocks LeBron for not being able to beat the stacked Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018 after they acquired Kevin Durant and created their superteam

Bayless has acknowledged this in a recent segment on 'Undisputed', though, that Durant joining Golden State and being instrumental in beating LeBron James in those 2 Finals has made life simpler for him

"Kevin Durant saved me from LeBron. If LeBron won 2017 and 2018 titles to get to 6-4, you could come back and say that he has 6 rings just like Jordan."

"Your GOAT case will be hugely strengthened if you can say 6 rings to 6 rings and Kevin Durant said no, he stopped that. He was the one that stopped that."

To solely credit Kevin Durant, who doesn't even like Bayless, with beating LeBron James might be a bit much

After all, he did join a team that had won the most regular-season games in NBA history the season before.

Bayless is someone that can always be banked upon to talk poorly about James, but clearly, even he knows the conversation around LBJ's GOAT case would be much different if not for the Warriors.