Since being eliminated from the 2022 playoffs in the first round, many have taken a dig at Kevin Durant's legacy.

The Brooklyn Nets superstar has been answering questions from fans left and right while giving out savage replies to them.

Add another answer to that list as this time around Durant gave an answer to a fan who used a Kobe Bryant take against him.

"Individual excellence. At every facet of the game - and the height you’ve achieved is perhaps the highest anybody ever has. Kobe is my favorite player ever - the diff between him in 05-06 vs 08-09 as an example is he imprinted his personality on every single player."

As usual, Kevin Durant used nothing but facts to respond to this claim made by the fan. Durant simply pointed out that the addition of Pau Gasol 

to that Lakers team was what made all the difference for Kobe and his quest to win an NBA Championship without Shaquille O'Neal.

KD retorted to the fan by saying, "Ima be real, bean would tell u the difference between him in 06 and him 09 was the addition of Pau Gasol and having a chance to really chase a chip."

When it comes to individual brilliance, Bryant was at his best during the 2005-06 NBA season. He averaged 35.4 points per game and gave fans many memorable individual performances that season.

But it was only when Pau Gasol was traded to the Lakers, that Kobe won two rings without Shaquille O'Neal by his side.

So Gasol's addition to the team helped Kobe in becoming a better version of himself and ultimately added more accolades to his resume.