Kevin Durant Fires Back At Fan Who Compared Him And LeBron James Building Superteams

Kevin Durant's trade to the Phoenix Suns has once again brought up criticism that he only joins superteams.

Durant has been criticized for joining the Golden State Warriors, and the Brooklyn Nets' Big 3 failed to win a championship.

A fan on social media compared Durant's superteam forming to LeBron James, saying that James builds his teams from scratch, while Durant joins already successful teams.

Durant didn't agree with the fan's comparison and said, "I buy all my own sh*t."

This narrative of Durant joining superteams isn't new, and it has been brought up since he left the Oklahoma City Thunder.

LeBron James has also moved around as a free agent, just like Durant, so the difference between the two isn't significant.

The Brooklyn Nets' Big 3 came together organically thanks to the franchise, rather than Durant joining an already successful team.

The Phoenix Suns were struggling before Durant's trade, making his impact significant in their success.

While Durant's joining of superteams may be criticized, his talent and impact on any team he joins cannot be denied.