Kevin Durant has had a very active offseason already, with his Twitter activity showing the frequency with which he is sharing his unfiltered thoughts with his fans and the entire world.

Whether or not everyone agrees with what Durant has to say most of the time, there is no questioning that he is one of the best basketball minds in the world.

He has dominated at the top of basketball for the last 15 years as one of the most elite scorers the game has ever seen.

A fan asked Durant a question on Twitter about a situation he is having where his teammates believe he is taking bad shots when he gets hot and shoots mid-ranges over multiple defenders

KD advised the fan to keep shooting the shots and make his teammates understand that he needs to ride his hot streak out until he starts missing.

"@KDTrey5 If I take 5 back to back mid range jump shots over 2 and 3 defenders. But make 4 out of 5, are my teammates right in saying I’m taking “bad shots” or should I keep pushing when I’m feeling it??"

KD: "Shoot the next one. Your teammates gotta lock in on defense until the flurry is over and then they can get some shots up"

KD has embodied this mantra for years and giving any other advice would just be untruthful on his part.

Young basketball players are brought through the basketball world by coaches who perfect systems and sets that they can run, leaving little room to improvise

For the players that can impact the game like KD has since 2007, this is going to allow them to be the offensive weapons of a team while setting realistic expectations.