The Golden State Warriors are the 2022 NBA champions after defeating the Boston Celtics in six games in this year's Finals.

The Dubs waited for their opportunity, and even though they didn't have the best start to the series, they bounced back, won big games and now are champions for the fourth time in the last seven years

After the Dubs completed the job, many fans congratulated them for coming back after two terrible seasons.

Besides fans, NBA figures like Shaquille O'Neal, Donovan Mitchell, Seth Curry and more reacted to this incredible feat, showing their appreciation for the Dubs.

However, one person that was part of this team three years ago didn't even bother to talk about the 2022 NBA Finals.

Kevin Durant, who won two titles with the Dubs in 2017 and 2018, is yet to show some love to his former team.

While the Warriors celebrated their fourth title in seven years and the seventh in franchise history, KD was talking about Drake's new album on Instagram.

A lot has been said about Durant's tenure in Golden State. He seemed to be on good terms with his former teammates, but you never know what he might do next.

A couple of weeks ago, he had a little back and forth with Draymond Green after the latter said Curry was double-teamed more times than Durant during their championship runs together.

Many fans will criticize him if he sends a message for leaving the Warriors and joining the Nets in 2019, and perhaps that's what's stopping Durant from giving a shoutout to his old team.