Kenny Omega has been very active on Twitter in the past twenty-four hours, responding to numerous fans’ opinions.

Some of the responses were in defense of AEW’s Women’s Division, while others were surrounding accusations that Omega and his friends are “pedophiles”.

It all began when Omega commented on the Battle Of The Belts main event between Riho and AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker.

“A great #aew main event tonight! @riho_gtmv ‘s combination of technique, heart, and natural ability are unparalleled. Can she dethrone the DMD megastar @RealBrittBaker ? (No spoilers)

Excited now for the next barn burner between @SerenaDeeb and @shidahikaru in their ongoing feud,” Kenny wrote.

It wouldn’t take too long before Kenny came to the realization that fans’ opinions on Twitter aren’t always constructive.

“It felt nice to tweet something I was passionate about, but yikes, what a mistake,” Kenny wrote. “What compels people to leave cruel comments about others on my page?

If you like someone/someplace else, congrats. No need to go way out of your way to tweet at someone you already hate.”

The former AEW World Champion also responded to insults that were sent his way. One response Omega tweeted to someone read, “Maybe look in a mirror before posting utter nonsense. Riho could easily beat the s**t out of you in real life, bruh.”

Another Twitter user jumped in the conversation and wrote to Kenny, “Jesus, stop being such a pu**y. If you can’t stand the heat, etc, etc.”

Omega pointed out that he can take the heat but he dislikes that blatant disrespect AEW’s Women roster is receiving. “The heat? So by talking about things I like, I deserve rude, disgusting, and sometimes racially charged replies? I can take the heat. The ladies don’t deserve the disrespect.”