Keanu Reeves’ Statement On The Winona Ryder-Keanu Reeves Marriage Rumors

Keanu Reeves has spoken out about the various marriage rumors around him and Winona Ryder! Winona previously joked that the two of them were married in Bram Stoker’s 1992 film Dracula owing to a technicality, and it appears that the stars still have to respond to various queries about it.

“We did an entire take of a marriage ceremony with actual priests,” the 57-year-old actor explained, adding that Winona has always assured him that they are genuinely married.

We are, according to Winona. We are, according to Coppola. So, I think we’re married in God’s sight “He verified, sarcastically, via Esquire.

Winona and Keanu have collaborated on four films: Dracula, Destination Wedding, A Scanner Darkly, and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, to name a few. Some of the films have become too well-known.

Reeves said it would be “an honor” for him to participate in Marvel films and play a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while talking about movies and his career.

“There are some very remarkable directors and visionaries.

In addition, Reeves is now promoting The Matrix Resurrections, which is set to hit theatres in 2021.