Kevin Durant is one of the defining players among this generation of basketball players, and there's no question that he's a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Recently, Kevin Durant was involved in a Twitter debate with user @DragonflyJonez, who suggested that Kevin Durant struggles with playmaking.

Kevin Durant: "It’s a lot of buzz words in basketball that confuse me, like leadership and Playmaking. Can I get a definition please??"

DragonflyJonez: "Like passing out of a double and making the defense pay for sending that double at you."

"C'mon Kev youre way smarter than this. Just bc it's something you struggle with doesn't mean it's a "buzz word"

Kevin Durant: "I highly disagree with this take, I don’t believe I struggle with anything basketball related."

It is true that Kevin Durant is known more so for his scoring rather than his playmaking.

However, he has definitely shown that he can be a solid playmaker, and he averaged a career-high 6.4 APG this season.

Anthony Edwards once notably claimed that Kevin Durant is the GOAT of basketball because he's 7 feet tall and can do anything a regular point guard can do.

His ability to create his own shot 1-on-1 is elite, and his scoring gravity means that playmaking gets easier for him due to the defensive attention that he commands.