Kathy Hilton is getting candid about her emotions after watching Paris Hilton’sYouTube documentary, This Is Paris.

During an appearance on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM radio show, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared her experience watching the doc with her daughter after initially avoiding it.

In the film, which was released in 2020, the DJ/businesswoman got candid about the alleged physical and emotional abuse she suffered from teachers during an 11-month stay at the Provo Canyon School in Utah

The veteran social media maven also got candid about the trauma that came with the aftermath of the release of her 2004 sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Solomon.

The traumatic events from Paris' life are what kept Kathy from watching the documentary during an initial screening at her home.

“We held hands for an hour watching this thing. And just the energy that I was feeling from her and how relieved and happy that she was, that I would watch it,” she said about finally viewing the doc for the first time

“But it put me into such a depression. A lot of people understood that we were trying to help our daughter. You know, we were trying to save Paris, how ironic," she added of the choice to enroll her at Provo Canyon School.

"We were worried. She was living in New York. She was sneaking out and sometimes didn't come back home for three days. Not going to school. And so, we'd put her in this boarding school.

I thought, ‘Gotta keep her away from the city,’ and all these predators and people that want her to model. And she escaped everywhere.”

For Kathy, the fact that only a brief part of her daughter’s trauma and struggle was depicted in This Is Paris made things much more heartbreaking.