Kang Daniel & More Are Full Of Energy In Group Poster For Upcoming Drama

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A new group poster for the new Disney+ original series “Rookie Cops” has been revealed!

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

The series follows a group of fresh police academy students as they pursue their dream of becoming cops. Kang Daniel, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Shin Young, Park Yoo Na, Park Seong Jun, Min Dohee, Kim Woo Seok, and Cheon Young Min are among the cast members. 

The hilarious and refreshing stories of these eight police academy students and their dynamic campus life will be told in this new police drama.

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Wi Seung Hyun is played by Kang Daniel, an honours freshman at the Korean National Police University, and Go Eun Gang is played by Chae Soo Bin, a troubled student who enrols at the police university to pursue her one-sided crush.

Kim Tak, a former adolescent national judo athlete who becomes a freshman at the police university, will be played by Lee Shin Young, while Ki Han Na, a tenacious freshman who never lets go of the number one place, will be played by Park Yoo Na.

Yoo Dae Il will be played by Park Sung Joon, who is a lover of police dramas, and Woo Joo Young will be played by Min Dohee, who graduated from a scientific high school and aspires to be a forensic science technician.

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Cheon Young Min will portray the ulzzang freshman Shin Ah Ri, who loves to plan everything out properly and has surprise dancing skills. Kim Woo Seok will play the freshman Seo Beom Joo, who likes to plan everything out flawlessly and has unexpected dance skills.

The eight young people who aim to be police officers are featured in a newly issued poster. Their faces are filled with enthusiasm and hope, and they appear to be ready to attain their goals. “It was hotter than anything else, and it was fiercer than anyone else,” the text says of the weather, which is as bright as their future.

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