K-Pop Singer Ailee Shares The Diet That Helped Her Lose 10Kg Weight In A Month

Ailee is a Korean-American singer and songwriter. Fans of the singer have been super impressed with her recent weight loss transformation.

However, just like there are two sides to a coin, Ailee’s weigh loss journey was also a tough one!

Amy Lee talked about her body transformation and diet that helped her put down 10kg body weight in a single month.



Ailee says she was asked to put on more weight when she was skinny but when she started eating more and gaining weight, the same people started pointing her out

Ailee spent a lot of time pondering upon what other people thought about her appearance.

“In one month, I lost 10~11kg. At that time, I ate 100 grams of protein, two cups of vegetables, and a single fruit piece for one meal."

"Like that, I ate two meals in one day. That added up to 500 calories per day.”

Due to significantly low amount of calories in the singer’s body, she developed vocal cord nodules and began to experience weakness in her body.