Hollywood Couple

Justin Timberlake Reacts After Britney Spears Public Apology

The singer Britney Spears met Justin Timberlake as kids in 1991. The much loved couple originally met on the set of Disney’s show, ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’.

As teens, the duo both pursued singing careers. With Britney later touring with NSYNC after the release of her first album ‘Baby One More Time’.

But now following to the public apology, Justin Timberlake has more to say to Britney Spears.

The 40 years old singer has been radio silent since his ex Britney was freed from the conservatorship.

‘Justin loves to see that Britney is now living the life that she wanted for so long. He loves seeing her embrace all the good that will come from her being out of this conservatorship. Justin would love to talk to Britney if Britney wanted to talk to him’, adding, ‘But he also does not want to get in the way of the life she is seeking’.