What’s the Most Expensive Watch Owned by the Richest Boxer in the World Floyd Mayweather?

Boxing history has a well-documented saga of love, between former world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr and his ridiculously expensive icy embellishments.

In fact, Mayweather’s jaw-dropping watch collection can make the biggest billionaires in the world look penurious.

One does not just get a nickname like ‘Money’ without a life of exorbitant extravagance.

Moreover, the champ has been open about his profound love for highly ornate timepieces.

Mayweather‘s watch collection boasts over 40 timepieces. And, the collection is worth almost USD 30 million.

However, one particular beast in his collection requires special mention. Mayweather owns a ‘Billionaire Tourbillion‘ watch made by Jacob & Co.

The watch is encrusted with 239 emerald-cut diamonds on the outside. And, the diamonds totally go up to 260 carats.

Meanwhile, the inside of the watch is equally, if not more, impressive. The watch follows a skeleton style, which allows the user to see the inner mechanisms of the watch.

Moreover, the ‘high wizard’ of timekeepers boasts of Swiss-made movement and a tourbillon.