A song from Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck’s collaboration album 18 allegedly contains lines from a poem written by a jailed individual.

A roundup

The duo has been accused of stealing many lines from the poem “Hobo Ben” for their song “Sad Motherf**kin’ Parade.”

Slim Wilson, a self-proclaimed cheat and pimp who spent time for murder and armed robbery, wrote the poem. In 1964, while incarcerated at Missouri State Penitentiary.

Wilson met folklorist Bruce Jackson, who recorded his poetry and toasts- “a comedic kind of narrative Black folk poetry, related to hobo balladry

He wrote this poem to include it in Jackson’s 1974 book, a collection of the latter artform.

The report suggests that many lines of Depp’s new songs include the lines from the poem like I’m raggedy, I know, but I have no stink”, “God bless the lady that’ll buy me a drink” and “What that funky motherf**ker really needs, the child is a bath.”

Jackson, a lecturer at the University of Buffalo has told Rolling Stone that the only self-incarnated line from Johnny and Beck he found in the lyrics were Big time motherf**ker’ and ‘Bust it down to my level,’. Everything else is from my book he said.

“Sad Motherf**kin’ Parade” cites Beck and Depp as its sole songwriters, although the original composition of “Hobo Ben,” a literature piece passed down through a competitive oral tradition, will likely be impossible to locate, as well copyright ownership.

Michael Lee Jackson, Jackson’s son, revealed that legal possibilities had been investigated.

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