John Fury Says Tommy Was ‘Underpaid’ For Jake Paul Fight

John Fury has hinted that, on behalf of his son, he’ll be demanding a much closer purse split should he rematch Jake Paul.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally clashed in a professional bout in Saudi Arabia

Tommy Fury defeated Jake Paul by a split decision at a 185lb catchweight fight 

Whilst exact purses haven’t been disclosed, the American has boasted earning of $30 Million 

Fury was well-compensated, but, by all accounts, not to such a level.

Now Tommy Fury's father john Fury was asked if the ‘slight’ gap in purses would be closed come the rematch

He said: “Slightly is an understatement, isn’t it? No, we know what we’re getting into, you know. In my money, we were underpaid, we know that, but we’re in the position now.

Tyson Fury wants Tag team match with Tommy Fury against Jake and Logan Paul

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