Joe Rogan Says He Would Never Have Murderous ‘Dictator’ Putin on His Podcast

Joe Rogan has vowed not to have Russian President Vladimir Putin on his podcast.

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan chatted with fellow comedian Bert Kreischer

He was discussing about the latest events in comedy world culture 

At one point during their conversation, Kreischer joked, “You know, Putin’s gotta listen to your podcast, right?”

“I hope so. Hey, what’s up bro?” Rogan replied sarcastically.

Kreischer asked Rogan if he would consider meeting Putin To which Rogan immediately replied: 'Nay'

Are you out of your fucking mind? Yeah. ‘Hey, forget about all those people that you killed that were your political opponents

Be a totally different human with a totally different background that wasn’t in the KGB, that isn’t a dictator, that doesn’t control information and control what news gets distributed to your people,'” Rogan ranted.

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