Joe Rogan Praises Controversial Boxer for Violently Kicking NBA Player “Out the Way”

Joe Rogan never hesitates to speak his mind. He has been a seasoned commentator and podcaster over the years, which has earned him a massive fanbase.

Being closely related to combat sports himself, Rogan has a knack for looking at things from a different perspective. He recently pointed out some key factors of a new name in the boxing world.

Joe Rogan praised Jake Paul in one of his podcast episodes. Following this, Paul’s MVP Promotions posted the video on their Instagram,

Rogan said, “And I also think that if he wasn’t Jake Paul, and you watched his performance, like the way he knocked out Tyron Woodley. If he was just an up-and-coming boxing contender, I would say that guy is a fu**ing killer, keep an eye on him.”

Moreover, he further added, “The way he knocked out Tyron Woodley is serious. I would tell everybody, have you seen this guy Jake Paul? He’s the sh*t, he’s real. Nate Robinson guy he kicked out the way, it’s not just that he knocked out an NBA player, that’s no big deal. It’s the way he did it, he knocked him out like a stone-cold killer.”

Well, Rogan believes that if Paul was not a big YouTube name, and just came in as a new boxer, people would look at him in a different way. Personally, he feels that he would say Paul is a fu**ing killer.

Jake Paul had big dreams of becoming a boxing champion as he entered the sport. However, the YouTube sensation did not know the uncertainties of the sport that would come his way. 

After British boxer Tommy Fury pulled out of the fight, Hasim Rahman Jr. came in as a replacement for the August 6th event. Unfortunately, even this fight got shelved.

Furthermore, Logan Paul recently spoke about the millions that would be swiped out from his brother’s account because of the fight being canceled.