Joe Rogan Podcast Secrets: Logan Paul digs out unknown facts about UFC commentator Joe Rogan

In the recent episode of Logan Paul's 'Impaulsive' podcast, he asks couple of questions to his guest Dave Portnoy

He asked him questions to dig out the unknown facts about UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Dave Portnoy told that while doing his podcast with any celebrity or even PR team asked him not to ask about a specific topic. He would straight away jump into it

Logan Paul then asks him, if the situation with Dave was similar to when he was invited to interview the UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Dave responded to it by saying that he doesn’t have a publicist and he has been to the Joe Rogan interview

as he says that Joe has a huge studio. The UFC commentator gave Dave Portnoy a tour of his office

he further proceeds to say that Joe Rogan is a fight guy and has got pictures of Russian wrestlers and fighters

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