Joe Rogan loses number 1 Spotify podcast

Joe Rogan’s podcast has fallen off the top spot of Spotify’s podcast charts as WillNE’s TWOTI takes over

Joe Rogan podcast 'Joe Rogan Experience' have always been on the top of the charts at spotify 

As has been reported previously, the move to Spotify was hugely beneficial for both pirates,

with Rogan getting around $200 million for the rights, while the streaming platform got a huge influx of new users.

In the UK at least, Rogan’s podcast has slipped down the charts and been replaced by the returning TWOTI

The YouTube star, who launched TWOTI as an on-and-off again weekly internet recap video a few years back on his channel

They have been steadily climbing the charts over the last few weeks and has now surpassed Rogan as the top podcast in the UK currently.

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