Joe Rogan Left Unimpressed by Viral Jake Paul Knockout

YouTube sensation Jake Paul has had an unusual boxing career. Although he has a professional record of 5-0, many feel that he has not faced the level of competition as a professional boxer.

This has caused Paul to become one of the most polarizing figures in boxing.Moreover, after his fight against Hasim Rahman Jr. got called off, many have accused the Problem Child of ‘ducking’ his opponents.

Paul has won all five of his fights via knockout, however, UFC commentator and JRE host Joe Rogan was not impressed by one of Paul’s most famous knockouts.

In an episode of the JRE, Rogan shared his thoughts on Paul knocking Tyron Woodley out, after which he also discussed his famous knockout of former UFC Welterweight contender Ben Askren.

He stated that he was not impressed by Paul’s KO of Askren and claimed that the former NCAA wrestler lacked the striking pedigree of a good boxer.”

You know the Ben Askren knockout, it’s not impressive to knock out Ben Askren who was an elite wrestler. He also kinda had got hip replacement before that kinda probably barely trained striking before that fight. He doesn’t have this deep background in striking where he was like a really dangerous opponent

However, he then praised Paul and stated that the devastating way in which the Ohio-based boxer knocked him out was what made him ‘legit’,” but the way he did it he’s cracking him with one punch and flatlining him like that’s he’s legit. Jake Paul is legit talented.” He added.  

Although the former fear factor host might be skeptical about the opposition Paul has faced, he certainly does not deny the talent of The Problem Child.

Logan Paul added by saying, “Every single fighter on the undercard no longer has a fight who have also been working their a** off, Amanda Serrano. It’s devastating.”