Stephen Curry is already an all-time great player, but he's not satisfied yet. Steph has nothing left to prove, but he is hungry to cement his legacy as one of the 10 best players of all time.

The 2022 NBA Finals present an incredible opportunity for Curry to put his name even higher  on the all-time list, although he's not so worried about that.

Steph has proven to be too much to bear for the Boston Celtics, and the C's must make the right adjustments to try to stop him.

Talking about the moves the Celtics have left to stop the Golden State Warriors, JJ Redick compared Stephen Curry to an actual star. This time, he went for the biggest star of all, the sun.

JJ Redick said, "Steph is a star... and by star I mean literally a star, like our sun, that has gravitational pull which requires other planets to orbit around him. And so 

everything the Warriors do orbits around Steph. Everything that opposing defense does, orbits around Steph Curry game plan."

That's quite a comparison, but it's easy to see where JJ comes from here. Steph is so impactful on the game that everything his team and the rival does has a lot to do with him.

Even when he has an off night, which happened in Game 5, he's doing big plays to help his teammates. Those things are often overlooked, but Steph keeps doing them.

He's the clear-cut favorite to win the 2022 Finals MVP and a solid performance in Game 6 will seal the deal for him and the Warriors.