Jirisan Episode 5: Yi Kang, Hyun Jo Find Man Who Murdered Many, But Is He The Main Culprit?

Yi Kang (Gianna Jun) and Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) continued their investigation into the strange murders at Jirisan National Park in episode 5 of Jirisan. The most recent incident had villagers attempting to capture an endangered snake species.

This tragedy was caused by a homemade explosive that resembled a wild potato and was primarily utilised during wartime. It was a property of the bomb’s camouflage. Several of these bombs were discovered scattered over the Jirisan range. Many initially assumed that the villager’s death was caused by a bomb that had been placed behind.

In Jirisan, episode 5, it was Hyun Jo’s instinct and vision that made him apprehensive of this conclusion. A man with claw marks on his hands appeared in Hyun Jo’s vision. This was why, contrary to what the rangers were lead to believe in Jirisan, episode 5; he believed the bombing was planned and not an accident.

He went on his own to investigate and found all of the villagers who owned a bomb of the type that went off. The ranger’s office had a record of the same, and after following down each residence; he came across the one where the bombs had lately gone missing.

This was the residence of one of the junior rangers that worked alongside Yi Kang and Hyun Jo, in episode 5 of Jirisan. When Yi Kang learned of Hyun Jo’s story about the missing bombs; she realised her coworker could know something and set out to find her.

Two of them discovered the second of three stolen bombs in a hike that was not open to hikers. Their coworker was crouched and shivering from shock near the explosives. They discovered that the colleague’s cousin had seen their grandfather detonate the bomb; but Hyun Jo is convinced that the older man is not the assassin.

In Jirisan, episode 5, he has no claw marks. The cousin was the assailant, and it was Hyun Jo; who discovered that this man had previously murdered not only the snake grabber; but also a number of other people. As a method, he utilised poisoned yoghurt.