Jim Carrey To Release First NFT Collection

Jim Carrey's first NFT piece, "SunShower," will be available exclusively on the SuperRare marketplace.

Jim's artistic works, as a multi-faceted artist, have offered his admirers a view into his thoughts, but more importantly, his spirit.

Originally a painting, Sunshower has evolved into an animated NFT that comes accompanied by Jim Carrey’s voice and uplifting philosophy.

The event will begin with a 24-hour countdown to the auction start time at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET tomorrow, June 9th, with a starting price of $1.

After the sale, a portion of the revenue will go to Feeding America’s nonprofit organization.

As Jim Carrey’s first NFT artwork, the piece was produced in association with filmmaker David Bushell.

According to Jim, he created SunShower directly from acrylic paint tubes.

Then, the background colors were “poured, and the canvas was “scraped,” which left a mere “imprint” of each color.

Jim continued, expressing that this technique was a thrilling collaboration with chance. As well as “a long climb to a daring cliff dive.”