Jey Uso's official comeback is scheduled for tonight's WWE SmackDown

Jey Uso will make an appearance on tonight's "WWE SmackDown," returning to his family in the process. 

Jey has made it plain which side of the argument he supports when it comes to his actual brothers Jimmy and Solo Sikoa, but he hasn't yet squared off against Roman Reigns. 

This confrontation is scheduled to happen during tonight's show in Pittsburgh. 

This information comes after last week's episode of "WWE SmackDown," in which Reigns gave Jimmy an ultimatum

He first resisted accepting Zayn into The Bloodline and then became the sole one to do so after his attack on Reigns at WWE Royal Rumble 2023. 

Since then, Jey hasn't shown any admiration for "The Tribal Chief," which has led some people to wonder where Jey stands in this entire narrative.

Zayn came the closest to ending Reigns' legendary WWE Undisputed Universal Championship reign at the WWE Elimination Chamber last month.

Kevin Owens is caught up in the drama and is unwilling to forgive Zayn for their previous disagreements before Zayn turned on Reigns.



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