Jennifer Aniston REVEALS she was bullied over-vaccination stance

Jennifer Aniston, the star of Friends, has admitted to being  “bullied” and called a “liberal vax-hole” because of her anti-vaccine  stance.

When asked if tabloid publicity would make seeing her on-screen less  appealing, the actor revealed the information in an interview with The  Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s a hard line to walk, retaining some kind of mystery while also  being able to participate in present society — going out to dinner or  being on Instagram,” Aniston said

However, Aniston previously highlighted the consequences of her open  support for Covid-19 vaccination, telling InStyle that she had severed  ties with some people whose views were persuaded by “fear and  propaganda.”

“There’s still a huge group of folks who are anti-vaxxers or just don’t  listen to the facts,” she remarked at the time, according to ET. It’s  really a pity.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress hasn’t left California  since January 2020 and has “like, five houses I’ve been to” since then.

She taped the second season of Apple’s The Morning Show during the  pandemic. She did note, though, that “I do believe we’re getting closer”  to the pandemic’s end, and that she’s “eager — and afraid — to get back  on a plane.