Jeffree Star Willing To Become A Youtube Boxer

Makeup mogul Jeffree Star is eager to enter the influencer boxing space, especially following the scandal between James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

The influencer boxing virus is sweeping social media, with artists from all walks of life wanting to settle their differences in the ring.

Names like Jake and Logan Paul, as well as prominent boxing events like iDubbbz's Creator Clash, are bringing the sport back on the spotlight... and beauty mogul Jeffree Star is eager to get in on the fun.

Star was on Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE podcast on June 14 to discuss his work when the matter was brought up — specifically, the conflict he encountered with other beauty experts James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

To recap, James Charles was at the heart of a big scandal in 2019 after fellow influencer Tati Westbrook came forward with a video accusing him of inappropriate behaviour.

Her video went extremely viral, causing Charles to lose hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Things appeared to be on the mend for Charles after he produced a now-deleted video titled 'No More Lies,' which resulted in backlash against Tati's prior accusations.

Westbrook later published a video stating that Jeffree Star and fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson had pushed her to produce her first exposé, which generated a massive reaction against both stars, finally leading to Shane Dawson's removal from YouTube due to public outrage.

After all of this, Star says he's ready to settle the score in the boxing ring with other influencers, and he claims to have a history of street brawls to back it up.