Jeffree Star Responds To Rumours About Yak Ranch Venture

Christy Mathew

Jeffree Star has recceived backlash recently after his move to Wyoming. The influencer left his $20 million mansions and founded his own 'Star' yak ranch in Casper, Wyoming.

He owns over 500 acres of land and 40 yaks. However, recently a rweet by @kattenbarge went viral. They had talked about Jeffree's upconing business ventures. The tweet saw documents filed to trademark many goods and services.

These includes clothing, pet food, natural fiber from yaks, butcher shops and breeding, stud devices for Star Yak Ranch. But his fans were shocked to see him tradmark Star Yak Ranch for butchering and breeding.

A fan questioned how he always talks about the importance of having his makeup vegan. The user further said he cares about beetles but wants to slaughter animals.

The internet roared fast and the influencer responded on his Instagram stories. He said that he recently trademarked Star Yak Ranch in every single category. However, he gave an explanation.

The influencer wrote that it is because he wants to protect himself in business. He explained even if he has trademarked it for breeding, butchering. it does not mean he is the one doing those things.

Jeffree said it means that he does not want anybody to take those trademarks in those categories. He added that he is just protecting himself.

Jeffree spked about his yaks. He said, "If you stragglers are trying to spin up a fake story that I'm doing this and doing that, y'all flaks. Nothing is happening to them besides brushing them, loving them and feeding them."