Los Angeles is one of the premier sports cities in America, and the town's best teams have always seen success.

The Rams just won the Super Bowl and the Dodgers have won the World Series as recently as 2020, but none of those franchises have enjoyed the historical success that the Lakers have in the NBA.

The team can claim 17 titles throughout its history and while not all of them came when the team was in Los Angeles, they have won 11 titles since Dr. Jerry Buss became the owner in 1979.

Their latest title in 2020 was won under the stewardship of his daughter and current owner Jeanie Buss, who is also the President of the Lakers.

Speaking in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times after a disappointing season for the Lakers, she addressed her ownership of the team, explaining that she has no plans to sell the Lakers.

“In terms of selling the team, I’m not going anywhere. This is exactly what my dad asked me to do,” she said, adding, “The team is not for sale.”

“This was something that was important to him, that he wanted me to keep the Lakers in the family,” she said. “I like to say, my dad had his children, but the Lakers were his baby, 

and he put me in charge of the baby, and I will make sure that the baby thrives.”

The Lakers are one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, having been valued at a whopping $4.6 billion in 2022, and even without the emotional connection for Jeanie, a franchise this lucrative being sold is unlikely.