Before finishing 2nd in the East, and making a run to the NBA Finals, the Celtics were dealing with a lot of growing pains as they tried to find their way as a team.

Along the way, Tatum encountered many doubts about his ability to lead, which he talked about in a chat with ESPN's Malika Andrews

"It has been tough moments because you hear all this talk of, ‘Can he be the best player on a championship team?'" said the Celtics star, via Malika Andrews of ESPN.

"Nobody can until it’s done. Nobody knows. Throughout the season, you get the new contract, you’re supposed to be the guy, and you look up and you’re three games under .500."

"It’s hard… That was tough, just thinking to myself, ‘Why is it now working?’ Putting in all the work and the effort. Doubt was creeping into your mind a little bit."

"‘Am I good enough? Maybe I can’t be.’ But never losing faith, just believe in what you do, believe in the work that you put in, stay as close as you can with the group. It can’t rain forever."

It must have been a hard time for Tatum and his teammates.

Despite their talent and experience together as a group, they struggled to win games for weeks before something changed.

Whatever it was that turned their season around, credit must be given to the young duo for leading the charge, not giving up, and not giving any legitimacy to the doubts they had early on.

Now, they stand just two wins away from winning a title and completing one of the most inspiring comeback stories in recent NBA history.