As the NBA Finals rage on, a prominent issue has taken center stage in America.

Over the past few months, multiple shootings have taken innocent lives all across the country, and it has sparked a major debate about gun control.

Already, both the Celtics and Warriors have sported shirts to call for an end to the violence.

According to Jaylen Brown, there's even a chance that both teams could take it further by boycotting a game

"It could. Definitely, things need to be addressed... It raises awareness. It gets people's attention… I think it’s an effective strategy that could work. We’ll see."

The gun problem has been a topic of division for countless years.

The NBA does empower its players to use their platform and it's clear that both the Celtics and Warriors have no issues voicing their concerns about one of America's longest-standing dilemmas.

Boycotting an NBA Finals game would be a pretty bold move, and many fans are split if such an action is appropriate or not.

But these teams are taking a stand against something much bigger than basketball and want to use this moment to try and make a positive change in the lives of ordinary Americans.

It's a commendable cause and a positive sign that these players understand the things that really matter in life.