James Worthy is one of the most iconic Lakers of all time, Big Game James was instrumental to the Lakers winning 3 of their 5 titles during the Showtime Era.

As such, Worthy enjoyed quite the rivalry with the Boston Celtics of that era, and it would seem that his dislike for the storied franchise runs deep to this day.

The Celtics are in the Finals for the first time in over a decade this season, and Boston's home arena has already come into question for rims that were the wrong height and some

colorful chanting against Draymond Green. And Worthy, who enjoyed his fair share of hostile trips to Boston during the Finals stage, has called out the Celtics organization and fans for their antics.

"They have been doing it for years. Pat Riley always had the goals measured. I don't know how many games we played with 12-foot rims, probably that time I went 1-for-12. They cheat, no heat, 

no heat in the winter, no air conditioning in June. It's hot, except for their locker room. Dead spots on the floor, it was just the worst.

Worthy further added, "I don't even call it an arena it was like a barn, and they're still up to those old tricks. They always had a delay on the clock when they had like a second to shoot it 

was like, 'Is that three seconds? That clock got stuck a lot. It was just horrible playing in Boston, and they're still up to those old tricks."

Well, it seems that the decades haven't changed Worthy's view of his great opponents although it  might be a bit much to claim that the C's are cheating on purpose.