Jake Paul's dad calls out KSI and claims YouTube star is "scared" of his son

Jake Paul's dad Greg has once again called for a fight with KSI which accusing the Brit of being "scared" of fighting his son.

Rivals for the longest time Jake Paul and KSI are on a collision course for the end of the year

Now Jake Paul father Greg have claimed that KSI will never fight Jake Paul as he is too scared of him 

and he joked that maybe he have to step in the ring instead of Jake to fight him 

Don't tell anybody but I might have to kick KSI's a**," Greg Paul joked in a message to fans

"He's too afraid of Jake, so maybe I'll finish his a**."

In the footage he then tells his son the plan, adding: "I'd beat his a**, I'm taking him on. He's not going to fight you

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