Jake Paul's aspirations to defeat Canelo Alvarez are criticised by KSI

Following Jake Paul's most recent loss, KSI has chosen to trash him once more.

In the end, Tommy Fury and the YouTuber squared off in the main event of an ESPN+ pay-per-view fight.

Fury outboxed the YouTuber by using his long reach to jab away.

Jake Paul ultimately suffered his first professional defeat as he was defeated by Tommy Fury in a split decision. 

His longtime rival KSI has been criticizing him online ever since.

The British boxer made fun of Jake Paul in a video uploaded on his YouTube page, both for losing and for his earlier declarations that he would beat Canelo Alvarez.

He said, "He thought he could beat Canelo, but he couldn't beat Tommy Fury. Just be quiet, man. Tommy Fury could not have been defeated by you. "You're bad when someone truly fights you."

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