Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury Officially Announced

Paul and his Most Valuable Promotions have confirmed that he will face Fury, the first boxer with a winning record that he will have fought, on his August 6 ring return.

Jake Paul will fight Tommy Fury in a rescheduled grudge fight on August 6 at Madison Square Garden.

Paul and Fury were supposed to fight on December 18 at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, but the bout was cancelled

when the Love Island star was forced to pull out with a broken rib.

Now, they ave been able to come to a deal for a newly-signed date, with the Brit travelling to America for the second time in his professional career.

Fury is the brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson, and the first opponent that Paul will have faced who had a winning record going into their contest.

He recently took a step-up in opposition to take on 10-1 Daniel Bocianski and will prove the toughest test of the YouTuber's mettle thus far.

Paul announced the decision in a social media post after a few days of controversy surrounding Fury's requirements for the contract, including his family's inability to travel and his insistence on drug testing.

"The contract has been signed. I don’t need a team to get this job done, now the drug testing has been signed there are no issues. See you at the press conference." - Tommy Fury