Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Confirmed For August 6 at MSG

Jake Paul has informed Tommy Fury that he has 24 hours to clarify what would happen before their upcoming bout or he will never allow him to meet him again.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had been slated to battle each other since last year, but due to the Brit's sickness, the bout had to be rescheduled.

Everything appears to point to them ultimately meeting in the ring on August 6, yet the Youtuber wants confirmation as soon as possible.

"Tommy Fury, you retired last year, so you agree to fight me now, but your dad is trying to take you out again?" questioned Jake Paul.

He added, also giving his potential opponent one last chance, "We've given you everything you asked for: a $2 million purse, VADA testing, tampons. You have 24 hours to clear this up or I will never give you this opportunity again."

Tommy Fury didn't hold his tongue and in his response he all but confirmed that they will now indeed meet in less than two months. "See you on August 6, pal."

Jake Paul responded again to clarify to him that they are not friends, and that next week is scheduled for the press conference where the show will be announced.

"In fact, we are scheduled to be in New York next week for the inaugural press conference and I'm not your friend, dude," Jake Paul concluded.

A week ago the youtuber announced that he would reappear in the ring next August 6 at Madison Square Garden, in an event with two stellar fights, as Amanda Serrano will also be there.