Jake Paul Vs Hasim Rahman Jr. Cancelled Because of Poor Ticket Sale, Claims Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport is one of the individuals that doesn't seem to be a fan of Jake Paul.

The veteran actor and well-known sports lover has seen a social media comeback in recent years thanks to his podcast "I am Rapaport." He frequently vents on Instagram, and on Wednesday, he targeted Jake Paul, a former boxer who is now a YouTube sensation.

Rapaport joined the chorus of sceptics who believe the cancellation of Paul's boxing match against Hasim Rahman Jr., which was scheduled to take place Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York, where Rapaport is from, was due to a factor other than the official explanation. Skeptics include UFC president Dana White.

Rapaport said that due to a lack of ticket sales, Rahman's inability to make weight pushed Paul's team and the promotion to postpone the event. The Rahman camp disputes that.

“Fake Paul … Fake Paul … Don’t front. Stop the lying and the bullcrapping,” Rapaport said in a video posted to Instagram. “Your fight that was supposed to go down in the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, didn’t get canceled because of some weight thing to the fake fighter that you were going to fight in Madison Square Garden.

“It got canceled because no one bought tickets, OK? Because the ghosts of Madison Square Garden – the same arena where (Muhammad) Ali fought (Joe) Frazier, where Jake LaMotta fought Sugar Ray Robinson, where Hulk Hogan fought Andre the Giant … Madison Square Garden – they did not want to see you in there.

No one bought tickets to that fake fight, Fake Paul. You’re not a fighter. You want to be a real fighter? Fight a real fighter, OK. Take a real drug test, OK? The ruse, the con, the bull-jive, is over, Fake Paul.”

In response to White, Paul's business partner and a former UFC accountant Nakisa Bidarian wrote on Instagram on Tuesday that the event was expected to rank among the top 10 boxing events at MSG since 2005.

Rahman allegedly did not maintain his weight in a truthful manner and repeatedly asked that the fight be moved to a larger weight class, according to Most Valuable Promotions.