Jake Paul Treats Himself With Two New Supercars – A Customized Ferrari SF-90 And Ferrari 296 GTB

The YouTuber-turned Boxer decided to get his new FERRARI SF-90 customized.

It is the fastest street-legal production car on the planet.

If getting his new Ferrari customized wasn’t it, Jake even decides to throw some more cash on another brand new Ferrari 296 GTB at the same time!

Jake Paul is known for his content and lavish lifestyle so it’s no surprise that he has a monster collection of sports-cars in his garage.

On Instagram, he wrote: Customizing my new Ferrari SF-90 (the fastest street-legal production car) and then adding another Ferrari 296 GTB for the fu*k of it. 2 Ferraris > 1,”

In the screenshot that Jake shares, Logan Paul is seen asking “Why 2? What are those? Wtf.”

Jake replies “Because why only have 1? Lol”