Jake Paul tells KSI to “be a man” and agree to fight without a rehydration clause

Jake Paul has called out KSI for stipulating that a fight between the two of them must involve a rehydration clause

with the Paul brother stating that KSI has been “running” from their showdown for four years.

The feud between Jake Paul and KSI continues to intensify over the years 

KSI recently tweeted calling out Jake Paul for the professional fight, KSI tweeted:

“it’s been five years. We’re both ready, just sign the contract and let’s fight you p**sy”,

Jake Paul was quick to response: “Yeah and four of those years you were running. You want me to come to London and fight at an unnatural weight...

..with a rehydration clause then it’s all or nothing. Or be a man. Take the fight without rehydration clauses. 185. 50/50.”

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